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Harnessing the Spanish sun: a solar solutions success story at Plaza Mayor shopping mall in Valencia

In Xátiva, in the heart of Valencia, a large, busy shopping mall with the suitable name ‘Plaza Mayor’ has undergone a sustainable transformation, embracing the power of the sun to reduce its carbon footprint. This Autarco solar system installation, a collaborative effort between Neolux Energy, Enertiva and Autarco, stands as a testament to the commitment towards eco-friendly solutions and cutting-edge technology.

The impressive solar installation on Plaza Mayor's rooftops boasts 513 Autarco solar panels generating 450 Wp each, covering a surface area exceeding 3500 m2. With a total nominal installed power of 230,850 kWp, the solar system comes with Autarco's kWh guarantee, ensuring a secure and reliable energy output. The complete solar system delivers an impressive output of 345,930 kWh.

The journey begins with a strategic collaboration between Neolux Energy and Autarco. Focused on a customer-centric approach, Neolux Energy selected Autarco as their partner for several compelling reasons. The decision to work with Autarco was driven by the assurance of Autarco’s single-brand solution offering all products for a complete system installation and its comprehensive ownership of the entire supply chain. From manufacturing to distribution and warehousing in Europe, Autarco's commitment instilled confidence in Neolux Energy's investments.


A unique digital platform offered by Autarco became a game-changer for Neolux Energy. This in-house developed software platform, named Helios,  facilitates every step of the solar installation process – from quoting and designing to installation and production monitoring. Moreover, Autarco's kWh guarantee to compensate for any unproduced kWh provides stability and security to the investments, making it a winning proposition for Plaza Mayor.

Enertiva, an engineering company with a focus on large-scale projects, played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this solar venture. Their expertise in legal and administrative procedures management was instrumental in navigating the complexities of the project. At Autarco, the emphasis on increasing the added value of the total project ensured a seamless collaboration that benefited both Enertiva and the end customer.

Enter Helios, Autarco’s solar system design and monitoring tool that brought precision and efficiency to the project. From calculating exact quantities of auxiliary materials to creating a Digital Twin of the installation, Helios streamlined the planning process. The Digital Twin not only allowed for a thorough analysis of energy production but also provided immediate and accurate data on yield and solar radiation. This proactive approach enabled the team to anticipate and address potential installation failures promptly.

As the sun sets over Xátiva’s shopping mall, the solar panels stand tall, silently harvesting the energy needed to power the vibrant hub. This collaborative effort not only exemplifies the potential of solar technology but also paves the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

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