New MyAutarco app now available

MyAutarco – the renewed and refreshed monitoring app

The MyAutarco app received a complete make-over. Same app, same functionality, but in a new and improved look & feel, bringing you clearer overviews of the performance of your Autarco system(s) — anytime, anywhere. The MyAutarco App is now available for download and update at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

MyAutarco – monitoring app

MyAutarco gives you a comprehensive overview of your Autarco system’s performance. It allows you to see how much power the solar panels are providing and how much energy your Autarco system has already generated. At a glance, you can view information such as:

  • The power (W) your system is generating
  • The energy (kWh) your system generated so far today 
  • The energy (kWh) generated in the past 30 days
  • The energy (kWh) your system generated in total

You can also view your output by month or over several years in simple, easy-to-read diagrams. And if you don’t have an Autarco solar energy system installed yet, you can log in to a demo account and find out what the MyAutarco app has to offer using live data.