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The importance of a well-designed ballast plan

As we go through a season of changing weather, the stability of solar power systems becomes evident. Autarco's solar installations have withstood the storms remarkably well, thanks to a thoughtfully designed ballast plan facilitated by our Helios design software.

At its core, a ballast plan is a document that outlines the layout of a solar panel system, ensuring that the panels remain securely in place during adverse weather conditions, such as strong winds and heavy rains. A well-prepared ballast plan is essential to receive a Scope 12 certification, often required by insurers before ensuring a solar power system.

"Helios ensures the stability of solar systems in unpredictable weather. It combines wind zone information for the location with the building characteristics to determine the expected wind load. It's not just about weathering the storm; it's about thriving in it" Mahir Serbetcioglu, Software Product Owner at Autarco says. 

While the instinct might be to add more ballast for extra security, finding the right balance is key. Too little can result in shifts during severe weather, potentially damaging the roof and the solar system, while too much can harm the roof's integrity.

Determining the optimal ballast

The mounting systems are reinforced with ballast tiles to ensure that solar panels stay securely in place. Helios is meticulous, factoring in panel dimensions, weight, and building characteristics. Wind load data for the installation address further refines the ballast plan, ensuring it's tailored to the specific demands of each location. Helios provides a detailed breakdown, specifying the exact ballast requirements for each mounting system. This precision ensures a secure and robust solar installation without unnecessary excess. While data is fundamental, unique situations may require additional expertise. Autarco collaborates with ballast specialists for unconventional projects, ensuring a tailored solution for each endeavour.

A well-calculated ballast plan safeguards solar panel systems against extreme weather conditions. Autarco's Helios software combines precise data and expertise to offer a comprehensive solution. If you're an ambitious solar installer seeking to harness the power of Helios software, contact us for a free demo account.

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