Reduce fire riskwith one solar brand

The risk of fire caused by a solar system is very low, particularly when high quality products and best practices are adopted. However, the solar industry is still relatively young and very price sensitive, which can result in poor product choice, component mismatch, incorrect design or installation defects, all of which have the potential of creating unsafe situations.

Autarco is in a position to control these risks far better than any traditional component brand. We create the safest solutions in the industry.

Prevention beats detection every time

Autarco’s total solar solutions mitigate the three main causes of unsafe situations.

Product Safety

Our quality control process ensures that all of our hardware is designed and built to provide safe and reliable performance.
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Design Safety

Autarco’s software automatically prevents poor design, which eliminates the possibility of a poor design making it onto your roof.
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Install safety

We are committed to leading best practises within the industry. Autarco verifies all solar installations which need to pass due diligence.
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Product Safety

“80% to 99% of the cause (of fire) is due to connector issues.” – TNO

With Autarco, there is no connector mismatch
As a total solution brand, we can guarantee that all of the connectors provided with a commercial Autarco system use Original MC4 connectors from Staubli; on the panels, on the inverters, on the inter-row connections and any loose connectors provided. This relatively straightforward benefit is impossible for a component brand to match with ease.

Quality hardware

Our quality control process ensures that all of our hardware is designed and built to provide safe and reliable performance.

Integrated DC Switch

Integrated the DC switch inside our inverters which removes the second most common cause of installation defects after connectors.

Fire rated cable

Autarco systems are installed with our fire resistant solar cable, further increasing total product safety.

Design Safety

“17% of PV System fires caused by poor design” – TUV

Autarco’s Helios software automatically prevents poor design
The design of your solar system is made in software developed by us, the manufacturer of the hardware that will go on the roof. We have eliminated the possibility of a poor design making it on to your roof.

Installation Safety

Autarco verifies all solar installations

Before the kWh guarantee is issued, the system must be registered by the installer in our software and pass our due diligence checks. The system will automatically check the output of your real-life system against the digital twin and your local weather conditions. In case of installation issues there’s a high percentage our software detects it and we’ll notify the installer so it can be resolved during this process.

Online commissing

Commissioning of new installations happens online. Your installer registers your new system in our software and it must pass the due diligence checks before the kWh guarantee is issued.

Partner program

We have a partner program in place that makes sure we only work with the best installers possible. They are not only experienced, but also get Autarco specific training.

Best practices

We are committed to leading best practises within the industry. Autarco initiated and was lead author in the Solar Power Europe O&M Best Practices chapter for distributed Solar.

Fast detection and alerting

The combined effort of our product, design and installation safety measures makes for a highly safe total solar solution. However, the aim is to make our system’s even more safe with fast detection and alerting.

Advanced Fault Detection
Highly advanced algorithms help us to continuously check for faults, even before the actual fault happens. This advanced fault detection is another layer of safety on top of all of the preventative measures.

Arc Fault
Our inverters deploy intelligent filtering and algorithms to detect spectral noise in the nominal power signature to detect arcing and quickly shut down the inverter. On systems that fully deploy optimisers, module level shutdown can also be achieved.

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