PELD-MII series

1-phase and 3-phase Power Export Limiting Devices

A Power Export Limiting Device (PELD) allows you to control the power output of multiple inverters. Although the 1-phase and 3-phase have a different appearance, they do the same task. They constantly measure the grid power exports and compares them to a set maximum allowed export power. A PELD constantly adjusts the output of the inverters to ensure the set maximum is never breached.

With the Autarco 1- and 3-phase PELD, you can efficiently control up to 10 inverters simultaneously. With the ability to monitor all inverters collectively, you require only one monitoring stick, resulting in cost savings.

View the PELD-MII datasheet here

5 year warranty

Compatible with Autarco LAN, WiFi and 4G sticks

Automatic control of loads for up to 10 inverters

Key features

Eligible for our unique kWh guarantee

Active power limitation and control at grid-connection point

Easy to install

Improve system's spontaneous use rate with a control accuracy up to 1%

Monitor power generation and load consumption at all times

Automatic control of loads for up to 10 inverters

Technical stuff

General characteristics

Certified great

Certified great

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