For businesses

Put the roof of your business to work. A customized Autarco solar solution with a guaranteed kWh energy performance assures effective cost savings and maximum independence from energy suppliers and rising electricity costs.

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For home owners

Purchasing a solar energy system can be complicated. Every component you need is offered by different brands. We do that differently, we develop our products in-house for a seamless integration and the best performance possible.

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For dealers

Are you looking for a supply partner that supports you to grow your business? Want to offer your customers real value and a meaningful guarantee? Learn more about becoming an Autarco Authorized Dealer or apply directly.

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Bankable solar technology

Autarco solar panels and inverters are manufactured on state-of-the-art and fully automated production lines to deliver high performing and reliable products, at an affordable price. The integrally engineered products are then complemented with cutting-edge software to create the highest performing total solution.

This total solution approach allows us to offer the unique kWh guarantee, insuring the performance of Autarco systems the kWh Guarantee Foundation in collaboration with insurance company Lloyd’s of London.

Our commitment to high quality technology and continued R&D combined with years of experience and our impressive track-record enable Autarco to provide a unique proposition that truly protects solar owners.

Our total solution approach

One brand, one complete system.

Autarco is a brand of complete solar solutions. All components needed to make a working PV system are manufactured under the single brand enabling true value creation for both you as well as our Authorized Dealers by offering meaningful guarantees and services.

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Feel the tangible benefits of a digital solar solution

Our new range of digitalised inverters integrate the best of our end-to-end software platform with new innovations that go far beyond basic fault detection and the capabilities of single component brands. Through technologies that include automatic fulfillment of O&M requirements, off-site diagnosis and preventative actions, we have redefined the approach to delivering performance made certain for solar PV.

Big Data, AI and the Cloud mean nothing until you experience the benefits of Autarco’s digital solution for real.

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Protect those under your roof

At Autarco we take safety very seriously. As the leading total solution brand in the industry, we are in a position to control risks far better than any traditional component brand and have employed technologies to improve the safety of all our systems and their owners.

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Solar projects we're proud of

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In 2018 and 2019, schools affiliated with Stichting Ons Middelbaar…

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Insight. Everywhere. Anytime.

Check on your kWh production wherever you are, on any device, at any time. Every Autarco inverter transmits data to our European servers which are displayed in MyAutarco, a cloud-based monitoring platform and native mobile App for the visualisation of the performance of your solar systems.

Tried and tested in the harshest environment

A vehicle built from plastic waste, powered by the sun. The Clean 2 Antarctica mission is an experiment with clean technology and a model for collaboration. Autarco supplied the sole power source of the Arctic Voyager.

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