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We offer a complete range of inverters. From the tiny 700W SX Mark II inverters to the powerful 110kW OX series optimized for use in the largest commercial rooftop and utility scale solar projects.

Feel the tangible benefits of a digital solar solution

Our new range of digitalised inverters integrate the best of our end-to-end software platform with new innovations that go far beyond basic fault detection and the capabilities of single component brands. Through technologies that include automatic fulfillment of O&M requirements, off-site diagnosis and preventative actions, we have redefined the approach to delivering performance made certain for solar PV.

Big Data, AI and the Cloud mean nothing until you experience the benefits of Autarco’s digital solution for real.

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The safest solar solutionsin the world

At Autarco we take safety very seriously. As the leading total solution brand in the industry, we are in a position to control many risks far better than any traditional component brand and have employed technologies to improve the safety of all our systems.

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The UX Mark II series.The newest member of the Mark II family.

The new Autarco three-phase OX series inverters offer the best and most reliable performance in its class. With 5 or 6 independant MPPTs and a total of 10 or 12 string inputs of max. 32A each, they offer the flexibility often asked for in commercial rooftop solar projects, managing shade losses from obstacles and environment.

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Mark II inverters.Miniaturized perfection.

Mark II technology brings a new dawn to the solar industry. This next generation technology enables extreme miniturization resulting in the highest power-to-volume ratio of any inverter of its kind and offers unparalleled built-in control over your grid exports in the residential segment. These super silent inverters range from 700W to 3600W.

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LD and LQ Mark II.High efficiency.

The Autarco LD and LQ Mark II series inverters range from 5 kW to 20 kW and offer the best and most reliable performance in its class. The upgraded Mark II models are built with the most advanced components available in 2019, resulting in improved processing speed, higher efficiency and superior performance in low light.

Insight. Everywhere. Anytime.

Check on your savings, revenue and kWh production wherever you are, on any device, at any time. Every Autarco inverter transmits data to our European servers which are displayed in MyAutarco, a cloud-based monitoring platform for the visualisation of your solar PV systems.

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Our range of solar inverters

OX series

3-phase nine or ten MPPT grid tied inverters
Available in 80, 90, 100 and 110kW
Inverter with Digital O&M

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UX Mark II series

3-phase five or six MPPT grid tied inverters
Available in 50 and 60kW

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XLX Mark III series

3-phase three or four MPPT grid tied inverters
Available in 20, 25, 30 and 40kW
Inverter with Digital O&M

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LQ Mark III series

3-phase two MPPT grid tied inverters
Available in 12, 13, 15, 17 and 20kW

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LD Mark III series

3-phase two MPPT grid tied inverters
Available from 3 to 10kW

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MX Mark III series

1-phase two MPPT grid tied inverters
Available from 2 to 6kW

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SX Mark III series

1-phase one MPPT grid tied inverters
Available in 700 to 3600W range

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Our range of hybrid inverters

MH series

1-phase hybrid inverter.
Available from 3 to 6kWp

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LH series

3-phase hybrid inverter.
Available from 6 to 10kWp.

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MR series

1-phase retrofit battery charger.
Available with 3 kWp charge and discharge

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