MyAutarco, a dedicated portal for checking on your saving, is available for the owners of Autarco PV systems.

There are several possibilities that may cause no yield to be shown on MyAutarco.

First, check whether the inverter is working properly. In normal daylight conditions the display should read “GENERATING” and both the red and the green LED should be on. If this is not the case, there might be something wrong in the inverter. Please refer to inverter troubleshooting for further instructions.

If the inverter is working properly, your system is generating yield, but there is probably a monitoring issue. More details can be found on the monitoring page.

The yield of your Autarco PV system differs from day to day. In the summertime yield will be much higher than in the winter, the total amount of solar irradiation differs from year to year. Yield may also be lower than expected because of shade or pollution on the modules. If you have a kWh guarantee for your PV system, Autarco will monitor the yield and the inverters status closely, in order to prevent losses.

Autarco monitors all installed and registered PV systems. When an error occurs, Autarco will inform your installer who will take further action.

Autarco offers all materiales necessary for installing the complete DC-side of a PV system. Our portfolio holds different types of modules, inverters, monitoring hardware and mounting solutions for different type of roofs. Refer to our product page or an Autarco dealer for more information.

Please contact our support team by leaving your address details in the Support form.

This depends on a number of variables. Most important is the pitch and azimuth of the modules, together with possible shading caused by obstacles. Our dealers can make a custom quote for you.

Every Autarco inverter has a connection for our four types of monitoring hardware:

  • WiFi-stick: uses the local WiFi-network
  • LAN-stick: connected to the router by means of a LAN-cable
  • GPRS-stick: works with a SIM-card, ideal for situations where there is no (stable) internet connection available