You have received an email after your retailer registered your Autarco system. If you have forgotten your password you can request a new one here.

On My.Autarco all relevant information regarding your PV system is made visibile. You will find the actual power of your system and the status of the inverters, but also the total yield per day, per month and since the installation of the system. If there is a kWh guarantee in place, your certificate(s) can be found here as well. Consumption Monitoring may also be available if this has been installed on your system.

Yes, Autarco works with its portal My.Autarco, which is accessible from all devices.

Most Autarco systems make use of string inverters which are the most cost effective and reliable technology for power conversion. String inverters do not monitor at the module level.

If there has no monitoring hardware been installed initially, it is possible to add this anytime. Contact your installer or for further assistance.

Yes, please contact with the name, phone number and e-mail address of the new owner. Autarco will contact the new owner and provide a new account for My.Autarco.

There are several possibilities that may cause no yield to be shown on My.Autarco.

First, check whether the inverter is working properly. In normal daylight conditions the display should read “GENERATING” and both the red and the green LED above the display should be on. If this is not the case, there might be something wrong in the inverter. Please refer to inverter troubleshooting for further instructions.

If the inverter is generating properly, there is most probably a monitoring issue. First you should make sure your installer has registered your system correctly. My.Autarco will give an error message if this is not the case. If the registration is correct and/or My.Autarco has been showing data in the past but stopped doing so, please follow the next steps below.

WiFi – Do you have a new internet provider and/or router? If so, the monitoring should be reconnected, follow the WiFi installation manual to do so. If this is not the case, your WiFi signal may be to weak for the WiFi-stick to establish a stable connection. Your installer can help you solve this problem, it might be necessary to install a WiFi range extender.

LAN – Check whether the cable is connected properly, both in the monitoring stick and the router. If this is the case but there is still no data shown on My.Autarco, contact your installer for further assistance.

GPRS – The SIM card may have stopped sending data or the GPRS-stick is out of range. Contact your installer for further assistance.

If your system has WiFi-monitoring, it has to be reconnected, similar to other devices on the network. The WiFi installation manual will guide you through the process. Contact your installer for further assistance when necessary. For other types of monitoring, this should not cause any problems. Contact if it does.

Most likely there hasn’t been a stable monitoring connection in these days. When the monitoring is back online, the first message will hold the total yield of the previous days without monitoring, resulting in a high yield for that specific day.

After an inverter has been replaced, your installer has to register the new inverter with Autarco. If this has not been done properly, yields shown in My.Autarco may be incorrect. Please contact your installer to register the replaced inverter.

No, when the installer registers the monitoring stick with Autarco, the existing data will be kept and visible on My.Autarco.